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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What are hard week! But...

This week has been a real bumpy ride.. To start it off a ton of rain came thru Florida so the shoots I had planned were canceled. Seemed like every time it was time the rain came in. Also, just gonna fill ya all in, things are going to get real busy for me on a personal level. I am making a big step to move once again :) and it is all happening around school time for my kids :) I am still doing my updates on my site but may not be so interactive as I have been. You all know what it is like to move, all the packing, hauling, sorting, loading and unloading, as well as then having to move in and put everything away. I am pooped already lol.. But no worries my lovers even though my life gets tough I always come out with smiles and pics with some videos :)

Kisses xoxo,

p.s. A new update is coming soon here.

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