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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A lil Decadence Ripples

Once a month I will be doing Sex toy reviews for

Today I received my new sex toy in the mail. I am so excited to try it out. It is small I must say, but little things have a big bang sometimes. I am hoping that this vibrator has that bang. 

This lil discrete Decadence Ripples Vibe comes with a cute case for it. There are two colors to choose from as well. 

Gonna go try it out..... 

Well come to find out it does have a punch for just the clit for a lil bit, It makes me wet wet but didn't make me cum : /  I did still get off though hehe, me and my ways.. I am thinking though it is a keeper for the butt :) Time will tell with that part LOL!!!


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