Thanks for coming and reading about what I love and do. I am a wild woman who is in for fun things.. Watch read and see.. Kisses Cindi xx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Bikini New Toy

I had got this new bikini as a gift for purchasing a pair of shoes from a friend on Dreamnet! She told me she put something in the box with the shoes that I will like, she said its your favorite color! So when I was told that I was stoked!! When my package arrived I was so excited! I had to put it on and show it off! Knowing I had something new on the way I had went and bought a couple new toys to play with!! Now what makes this so much more special is I fucked my tight virgin asshole for you!! So it was a new thing all the way around. New Bikini New Toy New and Never seen Anal Fucking by Me!!! Cum Check it out!!!

Cindi xx

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreamnet Chat

How many of you know about the chat sessions that are held on the Dreamnet Chat page? Well just in case you didn't know, we get together for chat twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 8pm Est. In the past few weeks it has been getting better! A few months ago it was pretty dead in there.. But with the help of Timmy, Randy, Trina, Bubba, and myself (the regulars as of late) I think it is going to make a come back!! It is free to join and chat too so I think you should come sometime and have some fun.. We talk about all sorts of topics too. If you check the forum for the chat feed you will see. Timmy and I post snips from chat in there.. Stuff that is amusing lol!! 
We have had several sexy momma's come thru like Dreamnet Angel, Kristine Cumz, Mandy Muffin, Angel of Mercy, Arlee, and Holly!!! So it is worth the stop by I would say!!! OH even Dawn Marie stopped by one night as well as Faith69!! Fun times when we all get together.. 
I would love for you to come and chat some night when you are free to have some good conversation!!

Hope to see you there!!
Cindi xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Natural Fun

Sometimes it is just nice to have some good old natural fun! This includes no toys, no make-up, no shoes.

 Just a shirt and panties.. A lil strip tease and I am horny and ready to finger my tight wet pussy till it cums.

  Cum take a look at my natural side!

Cindi xx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Customs Made 4 U!!

Did you know about the Custom Video's that I do? Email me and we can talk about details.. But for now check and see a lil of what happens!! Order yours today!!! Also check out my other videos and pictures!!

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Cindi xx!/DreamgirlCindi

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting ready!

I was working on the make up for a shoot and hubby got some sneak shots I thought I would share with you! Have you ever heard the myth well I call it one because I don't hold my mouth open when I am doing my mascara, LOL!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my like sneak peak before a shoot!!


Cindi xx

Rolling Meatballs

So I was feelin' frisky today and thought why not let you all watch me roll my meatballs.. I love music as you know and dancing around.. So enjoy!!!

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Cindi xx!/DreamgirlCindi

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Because

I always get so horny in the bathroom. The things I can do in there are fa-nom-in-al hehehe! So I set up my lil Flip and went at it.. I was supposed to fuck the dildo on the mirror but my poor dildo didnt want to stick so you will have to see how it all turns out.. Cum with me and see!!
But remember to see this video ya gotta be a Club Member!!! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hall Fuck!

I am extra horny today! Are you? I found my purple pleasure and was so happy I couldn’t wait! I had some fun with her in the hall! I love purple! There is something about it that just gets my juices going. MMMM I taste so good too.. Do you like it when I lick my tasty juices off my toys? Cum take a peek!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Messy curls

Because you asked so I thought I would share and since mypornprofile isn't working right I am showing you here!!.. Do you like messy hair? Looks like I just got fucked right? I like that look. I feel sexy.. Wait for cam later hehehe :) 

My Cleaning Service xxx

I bet you would rather have me cum and clean your home or office than some cleaning company! With my lil outfit and heels sound like a good start! Do you like to watch me clean the windows? How about dusting? I can use a hose pretty good too hehehe... Cum see!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is your Birthday?

It is the beginning of a new year and one of my New Years Resolutions was to be more fan oriented. This means I want to know some things about you and one is your Birthday!! I am a very giving girl and if I know when your special day is I can give you something special just for you and only you.. So please feel free to either comment here, on Twitter, or email me what your birthday is..

Lots of love from your girl

Cindi xx


Say hi to Mackayla!! She is a lil shy one I have known for a few years.. She has seen me become who I am and asked me if I wanted some of her... So I invited her over to play!! Isn’t she such a sweet lil thang?? I’m gonna turn her into an naughty girl!! hehehe!! This foreplay was fun! Cum see..

Have you entered the contest yet?

Well if you haven't entered the contest which is more of a giveaway you really should. You can win prizes did you know that? To be entered into the contest all you have to is the following:
1) Create a FAN profile on MPP
2) Fan at least three models and make sure one is me
3) Comment on my pics or a video
4) Post a comment in the forum
5) Follow us on Twitter @mypornprofile
6) Tweet: Just entered to win 1 of over 30 prizes at MPP. To enter follow the steps in the blog post and retweet #MPPFanContest

Note: current members of MPP can participate in the contest

My List of Prizes are a Signed photo OR a custom video

Well I hope you decide to enter and good luck Lovers!!!!

Cindi xx

Monday, January 3, 2011

XXX Lounging

I am reading this erotic book called Delta of Venis by Anais Nin.. The writer of the book got paid a dollar a page back in the 1940's.. I love this book.. I read it back in college. :) So on a slow Saturday I like to lounge around and read in my hubby's boxers and a tank! Cum see what happens when I read!!!!