Thanks for coming and reading about what I love and do. I am a wild woman who is in for fun things.. Watch read and see.. Kisses Cindi xx

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sexy and Waiting

I was all dressed up waiting for you to show up to take me to lunch today!! As you can see I dressed conservative like you said. You told me we were going some place real nice. Do you like my dress? I wore your favorite pair of pantyhose too. I must tell you that they feel so nice against my soft velvety legs! I have been keeping an eye out for you but you must be running a little behind. Well, I get very impatient waiting don’t you know? Just so you know when we get to rub on one another later and my pantyhose are wet it is because I played with my wet pussy while I was waiting for you.. Oppps there you are.. I will be right down.. Cum check out what I did while I was waiting for you. 

Monday Morning

Monday Morning seems to be a fun one :) 
I had to do a custom this morning for a really special guy!
I have been working out lately and every time I do I always think about fucking when I am on the machine! Well today was the day hehehe. I pulled out my Hitachi and a dildo and had a lot of fun!!  I filmed it for my guy but snagged a few pics for you all to see..
Maybe you will want a custom one day :) 
Email me for info and details!

Which is your favorite pic out of this set? 
Tell me would you wanna fuck me on my exercise machine?
Don't you wish that was your cock in my pussy with the Hitachi vibrating both of us to our deepest climax! 
MMMMMM. I am horny all over again..
Cindi xx 

Friday, February 25, 2011

A lil fun! hehe

The other night in Chat, Timmy posted a link to a website where you can Dress up Jesus! :\
I was bad and went there LOL!!! 
See what I did?

As you can see I had some fun there and spent some time there hehehe.. 
Where do people come up with the ideas for sites like this? 
Interesting !
Anyway, Back to porn yeah!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Things

Ok I must tell you this, As of late I have been fantasizing about using a strap-on. Get this I don't even own one! LMAO right? So I went lookin' for one online and I think I found what I want.. Check it out! 

Then I got to thinking, who would I bang with this strap-on? And I went looking for something online again.. Take a look at what I want now!!! Check it out!! 

Although this Bella doll really doesn't do her any justice at all.. I may still look for a real girl to bang too. 

Also, I am not sure about the strap on I found maybe I will keep looking or if you have any suggestions I am all ears!!

Cindi xx

A rant is a rant

First and foremost I want to send out my heartfelt thoughts to the St. Petersburg Police Department for another loss on their team. It is such a horrible loss when an officer is gunned down in the field. Well shot at anytime for that matter. My worry is what is this world coming too? With all the shootings of police officers and government authorities and even with all the messed up people who seem to just plead guilty and get jail time.. What have we brought our children into? But then I take a look around me where I live and see that most kids are just lost souls who need better guidance. Guidance I don't think they will ever get either since most of their parents are into some sort of drug or gang or even alcohol!  To bad there wasn't more people like me who cares for her kids and still can do naughty things on the side. Stays outta trouble and maintains stability for the ones that I love. I try to embed the realness of life into my children too so when they are grown up enough to be on their own that they will be able to survive! The school systems do not teach our kids how to survive the real world. Over half of the things that my kids are learning are for the better of the school and the state rather than them! 
I am just sad for the world I guess! 
Also, I voted for Obama and I must say I shouldn't have! I don't really see a change like he has said! I don't for see a change either other than a new guy in office when the time comes.. 
Who will you vote for? If, lets say Donald Trump runs against Obama. Who will you vote for? 
Ok I'm done ranting.. 
Cindi xx

P.S. Heard on the news that the person who shot that police officer I am speaking about was a 16 year old boy! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got my Monkey today!!

I have been waiting for this Monkey for a few weeks now and she finally got here today!! Her name is Tabby Starz <3 she was made by one of my besties from school!!! I feel so special!! So meet my new BFFL :) hehehe..

 Ok yes I am such a Perv lmao!!! But I can't help it you know how I am!! But you can't tell me you didn't laugh!!

I was told that Tabby Starz looks like a cow! I was horrified hahaha she's a Monkey I said. Then I was told its just a sock! Well this monkey is more than a sock to me! hehehe.. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my blog for today! I make life fun don't I? hehehe
Cindi xx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lover Day

Valentine’s Day is the real name of the one special day for Lovers! I call it Lover Day myself.. I got so hot and horny on this special day! Every Year I get something new so maybe it is the new red toy that I got or maybe it is the loving tender spanking’s that I love to give to myself! oooo see my red bum? Cum see me fuck my new red toy!!

Cindi xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hitachi Fun and bush update

Well today I had a fetish with my Hitachi! I am thinking it had something to do with last nights Dreamnet Chat hehehe!! It was Cindi and her Stud Stable!!! 

We were talking about my Hitachi and some really cool as toy called the Sybian I think!! OMG they showed me a link of this cute girl on one woot woot! I want it. The thing is like $1315 though. Wow right?  Anyways, I had to take my Hitachi and use it to abuse my lil clit..

I am good at takin' it!! On high or low too hehehe!! 
See what Mr. Hitachi did to my pussy!

Yummy I know!! Imagine what my pussy would look like if I had one of those Sybian's hehehe :) 
Cindi xx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Titty Tuesday

Well again MPP is taking to long for my happiness so I thought lets bring the tits to the blog!!!
Hope you like what ya see. I'm giving you more that one today cuz I feel like being naughty!!!

Cindi xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Updates!!

First of I would like to invite you to cum see me in my Bra and Panty Show on Dreamnet! There is 100 pictures of me posing and playing in 10 different sets. Yes you read that right 10 sets! It was a fun set to do!! Just so you know if you aren't a member you may wanna consider it! Not only because you only see 8 pictures on the Free side and you are missing out on 2 other sets but, I have some serious new fun shit I am doing coming up in the near future!!! Such as you ask? Well how about some bottle fucking! Or a lil Candy fun!!! Yes I am getting Naughty, freaky, and dirty!!! Oh and I am doing a special Sub/Dom shoot staring all Me!!! You are gonna want to see that when it comes out too! TRUST ME!! So, hope to see ya on the fun side!! For now check out my lil video!! Me being Me!!! Dancing and a lil strippin'!! You are sure to likey!!!

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