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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreamnet Chat

How many of you know about the chat sessions that are held on the Dreamnet Chat page? Well just in case you didn't know, we get together for chat twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 8pm Est. In the past few weeks it has been getting better! A few months ago it was pretty dead in there.. But with the help of Timmy, Randy, Trina, Bubba, and myself (the regulars as of late) I think it is going to make a come back!! It is free to join and chat too so I think you should come sometime and have some fun.. We talk about all sorts of topics too. If you check the forum for the chat feed you will see. Timmy and I post snips from chat in there.. Stuff that is amusing lol!! 
We have had several sexy momma's come thru like Dreamnet Angel, Kristine Cumz, Mandy Muffin, Angel of Mercy, Arlee, and Holly!!! So it is worth the stop by I would say!!! OH even Dawn Marie stopped by one night as well as Faith69!! Fun times when we all get together.. 
I would love for you to come and chat some night when you are free to have some good conversation!!

Hope to see you there!!
Cindi xx


  1. I'll bring the popcorn... extra butter

  2. and you get to learn interesting body part names from a genuine peruvian biologist.