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Friday, August 5, 2011

Crystal Jellies Anal Starter

Another toy came in the mail today for me. When I saw this one online I was impressed! Although the picture makes it look larger than it really is. I am pleased with what I see and what I have read on the package. But it is an anal starter, so it should be the size that it really is, hehee..  I am thinking for me small is good for anal, since I am new to the game on this one and maybe just maybe size does matter here. This is one of my first anal sex toys!! So I take the Jellie Anal Starter out of the package and I am feeling it. I like the feel. But I can say I am not fond of the smell that the Jellie toys put off. I am still going with it! There is a lil suction cup on the bottom of it. This gets me thinking real naughty by now. Gosh I sure hope it feels good in my ass! I am told anal toys are fun!  Pic's to come :)

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