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Friday, August 27, 2010

Trouble Me?

Seems like I caused some trouble today out at this spot I go frequently in Ft. Desoto, FL!! I was working on a photo shoot there this morning and well lets just say that I was naked by the water (not even the beach) and someone didn't like it too much and called the park ranger on me. :( But it was all good because I was already finished with the shoot, hehee. I beat them.. I'm guessing public nudity will never happen huh? I may need to move to a nudist colony!! Naaaa, I'm just playin'! But anyways as I was walking to the car in my towel another ranger pulled up and they had to sit there and wait to see if I was gonna pull off out of there which I did... I had another shoot to pull off but decided to wait since they all was watching my every move.. To bad they couldn't get a boner!! LMAO!!! Well the updates will be up in the near future! Be watching!! You know I love it when you watch!!! 

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