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Friday, October 22, 2010

Members Web Cam Show

As you all know I missed my first cam show for all my fav members on Wednesday. I am sorry for that and I am willing to make it up to each one of you.. All I need is for you to email me and tell me a time that works for you to do a free private one on one chat! This is the only way I will feel better about dippin out on all of ya to go and meet DreamnetAngel, AngelsDevil, Kristine_Cumz, and Swap_Dawg!! I had talked to AngelsDevil and he suggested I go out to meet them to get to know them before the meet n greet that is happening this Saturday. I had to do it! 
So my lovers you know how to get ahold of me so hit me up and let me know what you wanna do.. I am free and avaliable for you anytime (well as long as it isn't when I have to go on the road to pick up kids from school lol) How about I put a time frame up and you can just say this time.. lol..
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am til 1:30pm est. 
Monday 9pm til 11pm est.
Wednesday 10am til 12:30pm est.
Also, the next members show is scheduled for Wednesday 27th at 9pm est.

Here is a pic of me with Kristine and Angel from the other night too.


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