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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pubic Hair Fun

I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I was growing out my pubic hair so I can do a shaving video sometime in the future (once the hair down there is where I want it to be) and one of my besties suggested that I keep track of it all. So while I am growing my hair out I am going to be taking pics.. Here is the 1st pic of the new fun thing I am doing with my pussy :) 

As you can see there really isn't much there yet lol.. 
I will update this post as the hair grows so be checking back!


So I woke up this morning and was like wow.. Hair growth thru out the past couple days lol..
Check it out..

P.S. I am not used to hair it has been years so it kind of is annoying. LOL!!

Pussy after Hitachi

Hair is coming in nice!

Hope you are enjoying this set!! Can't wait to shave I can say that much!!

New update of the hair pussy... Ugh I must tell ya I am not really liking all the hair! I much rather be bald lol.. 

Check out the new pics!

Isn't she pretty though? :)

Hope you are enjoying this posting!!
and if you see @XHoopR25X around be sure and thank him!!!

How about some behind pics :)
no panties with my skirt hehee!

Today I feel real bushy...

one I just took because of a fire drill :o)

Ok so ya'll are probably gonna be upset but I am sorry.. I had to trim this bush up. It is too hot in Florida to support a full bush.. I just couldn't handle the annoying pricky hairs and the hot sweatiness.. 

Heyyy new pics for ya :) 


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