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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beach Exercise

As you know I do a lot of working out. I have special spots I hit just to get some good burn time!! You know how they do it on TV out on the beach and shit.. Well I go down by the Skyway in Florida and play and workout.. I take my lil step thing and some weights and I go have a good sweaty workout by the ocean! Did you know that when you exercise it releases endorphins in your body? Well, when that happens it sets off this trigger of horniness in me hahaaa and I can’t help myself! So I got naked and fucked myself right there! Then the park ranger pulled up and told me I had to go. He wouldn’t let me take a pic with him either meany! But it was a blast!! I still will go there to do my weekly exercise that I do there too… I will just stay dressed lol!!!

Cum see how well I burn off the calories :)


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