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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Moving is never fun! If anything it is more stressful that life itself! Today is the day that I am officially moving from one place to another and as you know I will be offline for about a week. This is because the cable company is slow and can't hook me up in the new place until they wanna! lol... But I know that I may be able to get online I am preparing myself that I may be able too. 
So in the meantime while I am gone on my moving vaca, don't forget to check my site for updates. I should have 2 updates while I am offline. Also, if you email me I am able to get those from my phone :) so you may wanna just shoot me a line :) It's cool if you don't though. But just know once I am up and running at the new place I am balls to the wall! You will see me online daily, interacting with all of you Lovers! As well as cam time for all my Lovers who like to do that :) 
So just know that I will miss  you all dearly! But I will be back sooner than you know it :) lol


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