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Sunday, September 5, 2010

So I own this machine for working out on! I use it too. I did a workout the other day and hubby decided to get the camera out and snap some pics of me. Well needless to say, when I see that camera come out I get horny, LOL! 
I do some pull downs this works my arms :) But I tighten my butt while I do them hehehee..
I also do leg lifts sitting down. I love the feel of working my legs out :)
These are arm pulls I guess I don't like these :) So I stopped and posed lol!
Here I am doing this are work out. This one is good because I feel the burn!! Not to mention you get a good view of my pussy hehee.
Well anyways as you see I am one who totally loves to keep the body in good shape. You can see other fitness things I do here.
Next Yoga :)



  1. Mmmm very nice. I'd like to see you do the thigh master naked! :-)