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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Things

Ok I must tell you this, As of late I have been fantasizing about using a strap-on. Get this I don't even own one! LMAO right? So I went lookin' for one online and I think I found what I want.. Check it out! 

Then I got to thinking, who would I bang with this strap-on? And I went looking for something online again.. Take a look at what I want now!!! Check it out!! 

Although this Bella doll really doesn't do her any justice at all.. I may still look for a real girl to bang too. 

Also, I am not sure about the strap on I found maybe I will keep looking or if you have any suggestions I am all ears!!

Cindi xx


  1. OH wow. You want a doll? LOL. Are you going to do pictures of you, fucking the doll, with your new strap on? I'd pay to see that. VBEG

  2. if i get them yes! wouldnt it be hot? i think it will be the only way i will Fuck Bella hehehe :) i hope i get my wish :D VBEG too hehehe xx