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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A rant is a rant

First and foremost I want to send out my heartfelt thoughts to the St. Petersburg Police Department for another loss on their team. It is such a horrible loss when an officer is gunned down in the field. Well shot at anytime for that matter. My worry is what is this world coming too? With all the shootings of police officers and government authorities and even with all the messed up people who seem to just plead guilty and get jail time.. What have we brought our children into? But then I take a look around me where I live and see that most kids are just lost souls who need better guidance. Guidance I don't think they will ever get either since most of their parents are into some sort of drug or gang or even alcohol!  To bad there wasn't more people like me who cares for her kids and still can do naughty things on the side. Stays outta trouble and maintains stability for the ones that I love. I try to embed the realness of life into my children too so when they are grown up enough to be on their own that they will be able to survive! The school systems do not teach our kids how to survive the real world. Over half of the things that my kids are learning are for the better of the school and the state rather than them! 
I am just sad for the world I guess! 
Also, I voted for Obama and I must say I shouldn't have! I don't really see a change like he has said! I don't for see a change either other than a new guy in office when the time comes.. 
Who will you vote for? If, lets say Donald Trump runs against Obama. Who will you vote for? 
Ok I'm done ranting.. 
Cindi xx

P.S. Heard on the news that the person who shot that police officer I am speaking about was a 16 year old boy! 

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