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Friday, February 11, 2011

Hitachi Fun and bush update

Well today I had a fetish with my Hitachi! I am thinking it had something to do with last nights Dreamnet Chat hehehe!! It was Cindi and her Stud Stable!!! 

We were talking about my Hitachi and some really cool as toy called the Sybian I think!! OMG they showed me a link of this cute girl on one woot woot! I want it. The thing is like $1315 though. Wow right?  Anyways, I had to take my Hitachi and use it to abuse my lil clit..

I am good at takin' it!! On high or low too hehehe!! 
See what Mr. Hitachi did to my pussy!

Yummy I know!! Imagine what my pussy would look like if I had one of those Sybian's hehehe :) 
Cindi xx


  1. was thinking that I have about half of the parts required to build one of those things. But then again if I melted a sawzall blade into the butt end of a plastic toy it would do much the same thing and be portable da boot

  2. that is a true thought right there Randy!!! I had naughty thought while reading your comment hehehe..