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Monday, March 14, 2011

Annoying and Rude huh?

If I got a nickel for every question that I got that was just off the wall I would be rich! Now I guess this is a rant to some extent because really today in cam I was told I was annoying and rude! WHAT? For real? PAAALEASE!!! Well let me elaborate some so you are all up to date on what has happened. OK, as you all know, (since you all know me so well too) when you are in my cam room, you know that I don't mind the questions and such that get asked or said even until I am asked, What is your Name? or How old are you? or Are you a MILF? or Do you like oral? Ok people really, all the answers to these questions are in my Profile, in all my profiles that I have everywhere, but to the ones in cam, it is in my profile there too. So I had this guy in chat today, he had asked all the q's from above so I had some silly answers for him, which really didn't answer his q's! And I had mentioned that he could just as easliy find out the answers.. He said I was annoying LMAO>> annoying is when you ask questions you should already know the answer too!! Oh and not to mention, it is RUDE to ask a lady how old she is! LMAO, I had told him I was old enough! He didn't like that either.. Once he called me annoying I had told him to leave my room then, why do you stay right?
Ok now, another thing, When in cam, and people come in, I address them all. I say their name and I say Hello or something to that effect.. Now why is it they don't say Hello back? They stay in the room for a while too but not even a hey!! So to me, this is RUDE! It is rude because you don't go up into someones house right and just sit on their sofa and don't say hey or hi im here how are you! Well why would ya come into some hot girls room and not address her in a polite manner? This never makes sense to me at all..
Oh also, the DM's (direct messages) on Twitter, I hardly get these messages, you know why? It is because I am so open I don't hide behind DM's.. I really hate DM's.. I may just deactivate that part of twitter because it really is annoying to me!! 
Then there is the customs, I love doing customs!! But when you are interested in having one made for you and you contact me on how it all works. PLEASE PLEASE read the email carefully because REALLY, I get questions asked that the answer should be known since I told ya how to do everything in the email. There is nothing worse than wasted time and a wasted boner!!! 
Now last but not least!! I want to thank all of you who have put in their votes for me for the March Madness Contest! I really appreciate it so much.. Now All I would like is to win it! And in order to do that I have to depend on all of you's!! So make me proud and vote and help me win first place so we all can reap the benefits cuz if I win you all will be soooooo damn happy you won't even know what hit ya.. 
Now I have plenty of fun on the way so if you aren't a club member you just might wanna become one!!! 
Cindi xx


  1. when I used to sit in a webcam chatroom, at least once each 10 minutes some horndog would ask 'are yeh wet?'

  2. ahahahaha that is a silly question too isnt it? well knowing me i am always wet so that is a silly one to ask me.. i heard some guys dont precum so i guess it isnt a silly question for some... hmmmm.. still made me laugh..

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