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Monday, March 14, 2011

Customs and then some!

Lately I have been bombarded with questions about customs, as well as cam sessions that I don't do thru a cam site but do on Skype and also used panties and toys :) 

My Rates for Skype and Customs: 
15 Minutes - $100
20 Minutes – $120
30 Minutes - $140
45 Minutes – $180
1 Hour - $200 (One hour at Streamate or Imlive right now would be at least $120 MORE so Skype is the economical way for a bit of Cindi's time;)
 Now don't forget I don't do beastiality, incest, blasphemy, etc. If you're into that, be on ya way!! Sorry Charlies.
Contact me for payment arrangements and other details!!

Right now, my worn panties are running at $30+ a pair with pics included. What can I say? Apparently, my panties smell nice to a few Lovers.

Also, I am up to selling some of my used toys for $60 a piece, too (except my Hitachi..I love that thing! LOL). Granted, you can also simply buy some items on my Amazon wishlist and I can use them in some shows so if you want to show your gratitude...I'd love it very much...I take care of my generous guys too ;)

Email me if you have any questions and you can find me on Skype at Dreamgirl Cindi (but due to the excess of cheapskates I can't add you as a friend until payment is made. Sorry!!!)

Cindi xx


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