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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Flashing

Who is happy that it is Friday? I for one am because tomorrow is a big day for me! Such a big day I have been busy getting ready for it!! 
But first I had to get ready for today!!
Smoking, Gandolph and I!

this is for the guy who wanted to see it from underneath! 

Ass! this is a fav to some I know!! 

Half dressed!! Wearing my Sex Drive Tee today :) 

Getting ready to do the make-up and hair!

Finished :) 
And its only 2:30pm hehehe.. 
I do what I wanna do I take my time at what I do.. 
But what you didn't see is I rocked my pussy with my Hitachi thru my PJ's :) it was fucking awesome.. hmmm sounds like a new video in the making hehehe !
Don't forget this weekend is the Mardi Gras Special! Worth it! $7.99 for Sign-up!! That is like half off the original price.. And think you will have full access to my entire site!! Woot Woot!!! I know you have been thinking about it! Just take the plunge and do it!! I wanna see you on the fun side!!

Cindi xx

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